Monday, June 9, 2008

Cyndle 8 months

Last week Cyndle and I took a trip to Kiddie Kandids. We had so much fun! Here are some of her cute pics.

Cyndle is such a sweetheart.

What a cute bow!

I love this one!

Cute Easter dress!!!


Natalie Francis said...

I love how the pictures turned out! She is just adorable!!

Therena Taylor & Family said...

Oh how sweet, bethany!!!!

Alexa Mae said...

those are the cutest pictures ever!! all of her outfits and bows are so dang cute!! she is getting so old....those are some great pictures for her to look back on!

Hamilton Family said...

Hi Bethany! I have a blog, can you believe it. Cyndle looks darling. Mom was telling me about her pictures and how cute they turned out. Ok, so the pink bow - I must say it is the size of her head. We wish you were here in Florida with us. We need another girl trip soon.
Love ya!

Staci said...

I didn't know you guys had a blog!?!

Cyndle is SO cute, I LOVE those pictures...what a sweetheart!

Cotter said...

she is so cute!!

Nancy said...

She's such a doll!

Misty Kesler said...

Your little girl is soooo cute! I mean of course she does belong to you :) we were sad we didnt get to see you when your parents came to viset. The last time I saw you was when my ballroom team came to Az what 4 or 5 yrs ago. It has been tooo long but now we can keep in touch via blog... got to love the blog!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

The following is an email I sent to everyone, but I don't have your email address. Sorry for posting this.

Hello everyone,

After much consideration, I am regrettably writing everyone to let you know that this weekends' camping trip is going to be rescheduled. Aside from a lot really great families not being able to go, as luck would have it my husband also cannot go. And being that we planned the whole thing, it would be kind of weird if we didn't go. But don't cry just yet, the good news is we will now be able to pick a better time and/or place for all of us. So, inorder to do so, please respond to this email with either a vote for camping near Flagstaff or a vote for Payson (since it's closer it may be an easier/a more justified camping location for one night).


*Keep your eyes open for future emails that will include possible camping dates.

PS My apologies to any inconveniences the late notice change may have caused you.

brittany sue said...

I love her pictures and those are the cutest outfilts! So glad i found you on here!