Friday, January 21, 2011


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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Christmas 2010

Christmas was so fun for us this year! I love that my kids are at such fun ages for Christmas. I must say, I love being the parent at Christmas rather than being the child. It is just so fun to see the excitement when they run in to see what Santa brought for them. We spent most of the holiday with my family because it was their on-year, but still saw the Rudd's (one of the perks of having both families in Mesa). Stephen came home from Hawaii and it was good to have him here. We miss him so much. We always go to the dunes the day after Christmas. Everyone went this year, even David and his family, and it made it that much more fun. Sterling, Dad and I were actually pretty miserable for most of the trip. We all had ear infections and strep throat type stuff going on so we ended up coming home a few days early. Bryan stayed with Cyndle and I was glad they were able to enjoy it.

Halloween 2010

Bryan and I decided to carve a pumpkin this year for the kids. It is the first year that Cyndle is actually old enough to have an idea about what's going on. Sterling, not so much. We also went to a pumpkin patch in Gilbert that was fun. There were some farm animals, bounce houses, and the kids got to pick a pumpkin to decorate with stickers. I had so much fun for Halloween getting everyone's costumes made. I made all but Bryan's and we were that nerdy family that's all matchy-matchy. We went as Peter Pan characters. We didn't go trick-or-treating this year because Halloween was on a Sunday, but our ward had a really fun trunk or treat party.

Cyndle Turns 3

I can't believe Cyndle turned 3 in September! That is just craziness! For her birthday, we had all of our family over for cake and ice cream. She got lots of fun presents and was so excited to be a big girl now. According to her, turning 3 now makes her an adult. Bryan and I are definitely going to be in for it when she's a teenager!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wow! A new post!

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