Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Disney World 2010!!!

Ok, I know. I am a total slacker about posting on here. I am trying to be better. I took the kids to Disney World in March. We went with my mom and sisters. There was a total of 6 kids ages 5 and under and just us 4 women for the majority of the trip. It was a little bit of craziness but so much fun! I absolutely love love love Disney World! It truly is the happiest place on earth. The kids had such a blast and we got to do and see everything thanks to my wonderful sister, Sarah, who has mastered the fastpass/parent swap technique. Cyndle can't stop talking about all the rides she went on. I can't wait to go again.

P.S.- For those who have never been to Disney World and don't see what the big deal is about going all the way to Florida when Disneyland is a few hours away, all I have to say is that there is no comparison. Disney World is 1,000 times better!

Me and Cyndle

She actually smiled for me!

Me and Mom

Sterling's cute smile

Mom, Sarah, Me, Therena

Cruisin' in the stroller

On the Jungle Cruise